Multicaja Pagos

Multicaja Pagos – New payment method in Chile Soon!

A new payment method will be available for the market in Chile.
Multicaja will soon be available for online and offline payments from consumers located in Chile!.

Multicaja is a Chilean company that allows online transactions for small and big ecommerce businesses.

Aproximatelly there are 120 million transactions every year through Multicaja.

– It is present in 95% of Chilean zones.
– It is complaint with security norms of every transaction.
– Recognized and authorized by Banco Central de Chile.

Among the payment methods available woth Multicaja there is the printable voucher that can be paid at any Multicaja location, and bank transfers.
For more information you can visit  Muticaja Pagos.


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Multicaja Pagos – Nuevo método de pago en Chile ¡Pronto!

Multicaja Pagos – Nuevo método de pago en Chile ¡Pronto!

Un nuevo método de pago estará disponible para el gran mercado en Chile.
¡Multicaja estará pronto disponible para pagos online y offline de consumidores localizados en Chile!

Multicaja es una empresa Chilena que permite la realización de transacciones en línea para pequeños y grandes comercios.

Aproximadamente 120 millones de transacciones se realizan al año a través de Multicaja.

– Se encuentra en el 95% de las comunas de Chile
– Cumplimiento de normas de seguridad en cada transacción.
– Reconocida y autorizada por el Banco Central de Chile.

Entre los métodos de pago de Multicaja se destacan el voucher imprimible que es pagable en cualquiera de sus sucursales, y transferencias bancarias.
Para más información puede visitar el Sitio web de Muticaja Pagos.

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CREDIT CARD: The preferred payment method

The preferred payment method
We help you process credit card payments anytime anywhere!


Start processing payments online from credit cards anytime anywhere with #Paygol
Credit cards are the preferred payment method for online consumers and the biggest payment method in circulation. What are you waiting for to start accepting payments from this payment method and reaching a wider market? Help your business grow. We process all the major credit cards. Avoid fraud, offer more coverage, increase your earnings, and more.
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Sell and track your transactions!

We want you to become a successful merchant! That is why we provide you the best tools to manage your business like a professional.


Analize and track all your transactions in real time
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Manage your services or add new
Manage your payment methods and more!


Buy and Sell online with Paygol!

Buy and Sell online with Paygol!

Sell your virtual products anywhere in the world! Receive instant payments from your consumers and provide an easy, fast and safe checkout while you increase your earnings!

Fast access to earnings
Offer multiple payment options
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Buy online and look for Paygol’s logo when you checkout, pay safe and easy! Your favourite virtual store does not have Paygol? Tell them how easy it is! We know consumers sometimes rush, that is why we don’t need you to Log in!

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Fast, easy and safe
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Multiple devices support
Local currency payments
No conversion fees or cross-border costs

How to pay with Paygol – Making or receiving payments online worldwide

How to pay with Paygol – Making or receiving payments online worldwide


If you are a merchant that is looking for a payment processor to receive payments around the world, we help you to monetize your business by providing you one of the best payment solutions in the market. All you need to do is Sign up and start using Paygol to receive your payments instantly.

The following video shows how easy it is for consumers to pay with Paygol online. They do not need to set up and account, login or create passwords. It is easy, fast and as secure as any other method. 


Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!

Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!


Start accepting payments worldwide with Paygol in your web site, store, or app. It is secure, convenient, and easy to use for merchants and consumers. We offer a variety of payment methods around the world!

The Paygol service that a merchant needs in order to offer products or services varies according to the type of business. The services that a merchant can choose are the following:

Integrated: This is the most complete service and you can have full control of it. It can be easily integrated in any website.

Multi-price: This type of service is specially used when you want to offer your customers different price options. This type of service is normally used in game sites when users can choose one price of the multiple choice.

Premium SMS: Check the complete Premium SMS implementation clicking this link.



PayGol adds new countries to Premium SMS Service

For example: Send TEXT to 1234

How does it work?
1. Users send a text message to your custom created keyword (e.g.: TEXT to 1234)
2. A pre-defined reply message by you will be sent back to the user (e.g.:Thanks for your message)
3. This payment will be charged to user’s mobile phone bill
4. You receive your earnings and a payment notification will be sent to you via e-mail
Some benefits:
– Immediate activation
– No web site or any application required
– Different price points per country
– Great coverage

Premium SMS Coverage
Visiting the link below you can find the countries where PREMIUM SMS (PSMS) is available:


Nuevos paises agregados a servicio Premium SMS de PayGol

Nuevos países se agregaron al servicio Premium SMS

¿Cómo funciona?
1. El usuario envía un mensaje de texto a tu palabra clave creada
(por ejemplo: TEXT al 1234)
2. Un mensaje pre-definido por ti será enviado como mensaje de respuesta al usuario
(por ejemplo: Gracias por tu pago)
3. Este pago será cargado a la cuenta telefónica del usuario.
4. Recibes tus ganancias y una notificación de pago será enviada a tu correo electrónico.

Algunos beneficios:
– Activación inmediata
– No requiere de sitio web ni de alguna aplicación
– Distintos precios por cada país
– Gran cobertura

Cobertura Premium SMS:

Visitando el siguiente link puedes encontrar los paises en los cuales PREMIUM SMS (PSMS) está disponible:


Mejores comisiones para paises Latinoamericanos!

Mejores comisiones para paises Latinoamericanos!

Better Earnings for Latin American Countries!

En PayGol nos volvimos locos!
Porque ustedes nos importan, les traemos mejores comisiones, no podria ser mejor!
Tal cual lo esperabas, porque ustedes lo pidieron!

Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, El Salvador, España, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay y Venezuela recibiran estas espectaculares comisiones!

Precio usuario: 3.80 BOB
Tus ganancias: 1.55 BOB (0.17 EUR)

Precio usuario: 4.00 BRL
Tus ganancias: 1.02 BRL (0.42 EUR)

Precio usuario: 700.00 CLP
Tus ganancias: 153.00 CLP (0.22 EUR)

Precio usuario: 4408.00 COP
Tus ganancias: 600.00 COP (0.23 EUR)

Costa Rica
Precio usuario: 700.00 CRC
Tus ganancias: 250.00 CRC (0.36 EUR)

Republica Dominicana
Precio usuario: 64.00 DOP
Tus ganancias: 13.50 DOP (0.26 EUR)

El Salvador
Precio usuario: 3.39 USD
Tus ganancias: 0.63 USD (0.47 EUR)

Precio usuario: 1.42 EUR
Tus ganancias: 0.60 EUR (0.60 EUR)
Precio usuario: 3.54 EUR
Tus ganancias: 1.45 EUR (1.45 EUR)
Precio usuario: 5.07 EUR
Tus ganancias: 2.00 EUR (2.00 EUR)
Precio usuario: 7.08 EUR
Tus ganancias: 2.85 EUR (2.85 EUR)

Precio usuario: 1.50 USD
Tus ganancias: 0.32 USD (0.24 EUR)

Precio usuario: 7.00 PEN
Tus ganancias: 0.22 EUR (0.81 PEN)

Precio usuario: 4.00 EUR
Tus ganancias: 1.15 EUR (1.15 EUR)

Precio usuario: 27.00 UYU
Tus ganancias: 7.75 UYU (0.31 EUR)

Precio usuario: 8.96 VEF
Tus ganancias: 1.00 VEF (0.17 EUR)

Para leer mas acerca de estas ganancias y muchas otras visita por favor

Estas grandes ganancias fueron agregadas automaticamente a tus actuales servicios


* Algunas de las ganancias pueden variar dependiendo de las operadoras y cambio de divisas.