Begin to accept payments by phone call

What is Pay per call?

Pay per call is an easy and quick way to pay. It offers great coverage, immediate validation, and is extremely convenient as only a phone is needed.

How does it work for the customer?

During the payment process your customer will be shown a phone number to call to. There are two possible ways to pay: pay per call and pay per minute. In the first one the payment is made immediately. In the second one your customer will be asked to stay on the line for a certain amount of time. The amount will be charged directly to the customer’s phone account.


– Fast and secure.
– Convenient for customers without access to credit cards or a bank account.
– Worldwide coverage.
– No activation costs or monthly fees.

The Solution

PayGol offers pay per call as a payment method.  Your clients only need a telephone.

PayGol is easy to integrate and does not require any technical skills. It can be integrated into any website, game, or application.

PayGol as a payment option

PayGol offers professional analytics tools for tracking and optimizing your transactions.  

Comience a aceptar pagos por llamada

¿Qué es pago por llamada?

El pago por llamada es una forma fácil y rápida de pagar. Este método de pago ofrece una gran cobertura, validación inmediata y es extremadamente conveniente ya que sólo se requiere un teléfono.

¿Cómo funciona para el cliente?

Cuando su cliente desee pagar deberá llamar al número indicado en pantalla. Existen dos modalidades: pago por llamada y pago por minuto. En la primera el pago es concretado inmediatamente, mientras que en la segunda se solicita esperar en línea un tiempo determinado. El monto se cargará directamente a la cuenta del cliente.


– Rápido y seguro.
– Conveniente para clientes sin acceso a tarjeta de crédito o cuenta bancaria.
– Cobertura mundial.
– Sin costos de activación ni mensuales.

La solución

PayGol ofrece pago por llamada como método de pago. Para esto su cliente solo necesita de un teléfono.

PayGol es fácil de integrar, no requiere de habilidades técnicas. Puede ser integrado en cualquier sitio web, juego o aplicación.

PayGol como opción de pago

PayGol ofrece herramientas profesionales de análisis para el seguimiento y optimización de sus transacciones.

Start accepting payments online

What is PayGol?

PayGol is a payment system provider that allows you to have all your online payments available on your website or in your mobile app with a single integration.

How it works

You just have to add a customized payment button on your web site. Your client will click on it and the payment process will start. It’s very easy, fast and secure.


– No startup or monthly fees.

– Available in multiple countries.

– Support many languages and currencies.

– Automatic device detection and UI optimization.

– No technical skills required.

– One integration for all platforms.

– Fast, secure and easy to integrate.

PayGol as a solution

PayGol offers a variety of national and international payment methods that your customers can pay with. Some of these payment methods are:

Credit card with worldwide coverage.

– Mobile payments (SMS and Pay per call).

– paysafecard.

– And many others local payment methods

Tracking sales

PayGol offers professional analytics tools to track and optimize all your transactions.



How to check PayGol’s PIN Code status

In the case your users are facing problems activating the PIN Code we provide this tool to check or activate their PIN code at anytime.

When purchasing services or items, users are required to send text messages or make a phone call to pay for their items. At this time they are provided with a PIN Code on the payment screen. In case the Pin Code has not been used, they will be able to get their items right away by activating the PIN anytime.

To check it out please visit this link:

Verificando el estado del Código PIN

En el caso de que tus usuarios tengan problemas activando el código PIN te entregamos esta herramienta para que ellos puedan revisar o activar su código PIN en cualquier instante.

Al comprar servicios o items, es requerido para los usuarios enviar mensajes de texto o realizar una llamada para pagar por estos, en este instante se les entrega el código PIN en la pantalla de pago. En el caso de que éste no haya sido usado, podrán activarlo y obtener sus items de forma inmediata.

Puedes encontrar nuestro Pin Checker en:

82 Countries is PayGol’s current coverage

82 countries is the coverage that PayGol currently offers, of course our hyperactive plans never stop so this is a new beginning for us. SMS and Pay per Call payment preference modes, new price points and better earnings are always on our schedule, We proudly welcome Canada, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates. If we keep on growing you’ll keep on growing as well !

These countries are already available on all your services

For more details

SMS payment coverage

Pay per Call coverage




Important information about SMS payments in Sweden

Since WyWallet’s new regulations in Sweden require that payers have to be signed up on WyWallet in order to send SMS Payments. Therefore we offer you the following options:

1 We strongly recommend to activate our Pay per Call feature on this country, this way you will have smooth payments and even better earnings.

To activate Pay Per Call on Sweden please follow these steps:

-Go to “My Services” on your PayGol panel.
-Edit your service.
-Go to the “Pay per Call” tab and add Sweden.
-Save your Service.

2 Alternatively, you can encourage the end-user to register to WyWallet by sending a SMS WW to 71798 or register at  This way the user is registered to WyWallet and can continue purchasing via SMS messages.


To see in details Pay per Call in Sweden:

To see in details all Pay per Call coverage:

Informacion importante sobre Pagos por SMS en Suecia

Debido a las nuevas regulaciones de WyWallet en Suecia, el pagador debe ser usuario de este para poder realizar un pago via SMS. Por lo tanto recomendamos lo siguiente:

1 Activar Pago por llamada en Suecia para asi facilitar el proceso y obtener un pago rapido y facil, sin interrupciones de ningun tipo y recibiendo incluso, mejores ganancias.

Para Activar Pago por llamada en Suecia debes seguir los siguientes pasos:

-Dirigete a  “Mis Servicios” dentro de tu panel de PayGol.
-Edita tu servicio.
-Dirigete a la pestaña “Pago por llamada” y agrega Suecia.
-Guarda tu servicio.

2 De forma alternativa puedes motivar al usuario pagador a registrarse en WyWallet
enviando un SMS WW al 71798 o registrarse en De esta forma el usuario quedara registrado en WyWallet y podra seguir efectuando pagos via SMS.


Detalles de ganancias Pago por llamada en Suecia:

Detalles de ganancias Pago por llamada general:

14 New Countries added on PayGol’s Pay per Call

Again, we are still at it, letting the calls do the talking! With our unbeatable prices we decided to Supercharge our Pay Per Call! We’ve just added 14 Countries to our PPC list so you can accept payments by pay per call too! Remember, works on mobile phones and of course LANDLINES TOO!

Visit the full coverage list and great payouts at:


Czeck Republic