Accept payments from Perú with Pago Efectivo

Accept payments from Perú with Pago Efectivo

Pago Efectivo in Perú integrates 8 payment options, among them are BBVA Continental, BCP (Banco de Crédito del Perú), Interbank, Scotiabank, Banbif, Western Union, Fullcarga, y Agente KasNet.

This payment method is available for all type of businesses, and allows their consumers to make payments with cash, without the need of a credit card. It is familiar for the consumer, secure and no fraud risk.

It is an excellent payment method since more than 50% of Peruvians are unbanked, aditionally, cash still dominates the Peruvian market, and although the population has a high internet access, still are affected by the lack of payment methods offered by online shops.

This payment method can be requested by the merchant through the Paygol account or after registration to use the service.

Obtain Better Revenue in France, Italy, Romania and Sweden!

PayGol brings great news for you today!

In addition to our usual payment methods such as Credit Card and
Paysafecard we have implemented higher new SMS price points for France,
Italy, Romania and Sweden, all of them giving you excellent revenue.

For individual information on each country please check:





Mejores Ganancias Francia, Italia, Rumania y Suecia!

PayGol trae excelentes noticias!

Sumándose a nuestros metodos de pago usuales como Tarjetas de Crédito,
Paysafecard entre otros hemos implementado nuevas tarifas de SMS para
Francia, Italia, Rumania y Suecia, entregando de esta forma excelentes

Para informacion individual sobre cada país favor visitar:





PayGol estrena servicio de mensajeria premium sms

Tal como en Televisión y en muchos otros medios de comunicación puedes crear ahora tus propias campañas de marketing, encuestas, promociones, votaciones y mucho más. Puedes crear tu propia palabra clave a la cual tus usuarios enviarán mensajes de texto.

Por ejemplo: envía TEXT al 1234

Cómo funciona?
1. El usuario envía un mensaje de texto a tu palabra clave creada
(por ejemplo: TEXT al 1234)
2. Un mensaje pre-definido por ti será enviado como mensaje de respuesta al usuario
(por ejemplo: Gracias por tu pago)
3. Este pago será cargado a la cuenta telefónica del usuario.
4. Recibes tus ganancias y una notificación de pago será enviada a tu correo electrónico.

Algunos beneficios:
– Activación inmediata
– No requiere de sitio web ni de alguna aplicación
– Distintos precios por cada país
– Gran cobertura

Premium SMS Coverage
Visitando el siguiente link puedes encontrar los paises en los cuales PREMIUM SMS está disponible:


PayGol Launches Premium SMS

As seen on TV and many others media you can create now your own marketing campaigns, polls, promotions, voting, and more. You can create your own keyword where your users can send text messages to.

For example: Send TEXT to 1234 

How does it work?
1. Users send a text message to your custom created keyword (e.g.: TEXT to 1234)
2. A pre-defined reply message by you will be sent back to the user (e.g.:Thanks for your message)
3. This payment will be charged to user’s mobile phone bill
4. You receive your earnings and a payment notification will be sent to you via e-mail
Some benefits:
– Immediate activation
– No web site or any application required
– Different price points per country
– Great coverage

Premium SMS Coverage
Visiting the link below you can find the countries where PREMIUM SMS is available:


PayGol adds Nigeria

PayGol adds Nigeria

You wanted it, you got it!

PayGol proudly welcomes Nigeria to our growing list of covered countries!

Available and ready for the following products:

Premium SMS
Web applications
Android applications
Sending SMS

Currency: NGN
Population: 154,729,000
Mobile Phones: 114,000,000
Carriers: Celtel, Etisalat, MTN, Starcomms

Important: To start using Nigeria, please go to My Services and edit your service(s) and add Nigeria manually.

More Details:

82 Countries is PayGol’s current coverage

82 countries is the coverage that PayGol currently offers, of course our hyperactive plans never stop so this is a new beginning for us. SMS and Pay per Call payment preference modes, new price points and better earnings are always on our schedule, We proudly welcome Canada, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates. If we keep on growing you’ll keep on growing as well !

These countries are already available on all your services

For more details

SMS payment coverage

Pay per Call coverage