The higher price point revolution has been extended!

Higher Price revolution Extended

You asked for it, We’ve had to do it!

The Higher price point revolution has been Extended!

We love our users, so we hear them! Yes we do!
We’ve got a handful of e-mails asking for higher price points and of course better earnings, So what we do? We gave it to you!

Mexico Brazil and Argentina have just joined the revolution!
Now feel free to enjoy the true best prices of the market!

You can see all new price points for these countries with their payouts
on this link

More Details:

Mexico: Prices and Earnings

Brazil: Prices and Earnings

Argentina: Prices and Earnings

These new price points have been automatically added to your existing services.

PayGol now covering 73 Countries!

Our worldwide coverage keeps on growing and growing!  Now,  we have added four new countries , 73 total!

Now you are able to get payments from :

Albania, Kosovo, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Important : To start using these countries, please go to My Services and edit your service(s) and add these countries manually.

Population : 2,831,741
Carriers: AMC, Eagle Mobile
More info :

Population : 1,733,872
Carriers: IPKO, Vala
More info :

Population : 3,566,437
Carriers: VIVA, Wataniya
More info :

Saudi Arabia
Population : 27,136,977
Carriers : Mobily, STC, Zain
More info :

Our worldwide coverage information can be found on this link :

Important : To start using these countries, please go to My Services and edit your service(s) and add these countries manually.

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Mejores comisiones para paises Latinoamericanos!

Mejores comisiones para paises Latinoamericanos!

Better Earnings for Latin American Countries!

En PayGol nos volvimos locos!
Porque ustedes nos importan, les traemos mejores comisiones, no podria ser mejor!
Tal cual lo esperabas, porque ustedes lo pidieron!

Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, El Salvador, España, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay y Venezuela recibiran estas espectaculares comisiones!

Precio usuario: 3.80 BOB
Tus ganancias: 1.55 BOB (0.17 EUR)

Precio usuario: 4.00 BRL
Tus ganancias: 1.02 BRL (0.42 EUR)

Precio usuario: 700.00 CLP
Tus ganancias: 153.00 CLP (0.22 EUR)

Precio usuario: 4408.00 COP
Tus ganancias: 600.00 COP (0.23 EUR)

Costa Rica
Precio usuario: 700.00 CRC
Tus ganancias: 250.00 CRC (0.36 EUR)

Republica Dominicana
Precio usuario: 64.00 DOP
Tus ganancias: 13.50 DOP (0.26 EUR)

El Salvador
Precio usuario: 3.39 USD
Tus ganancias: 0.63 USD (0.47 EUR)

Precio usuario: 1.42 EUR
Tus ganancias: 0.60 EUR (0.60 EUR)
Precio usuario: 3.54 EUR
Tus ganancias: 1.45 EUR (1.45 EUR)
Precio usuario: 5.07 EUR
Tus ganancias: 2.00 EUR (2.00 EUR)
Precio usuario: 7.08 EUR
Tus ganancias: 2.85 EUR (2.85 EUR)

Precio usuario: 1.50 USD
Tus ganancias: 0.32 USD (0.24 EUR)

Precio usuario: 7.00 PEN
Tus ganancias: 0.22 EUR (0.81 PEN)

Precio usuario: 4.00 EUR
Tus ganancias: 1.15 EUR (1.15 EUR)

Precio usuario: 27.00 UYU
Tus ganancias: 7.75 UYU (0.31 EUR)

Precio usuario: 8.96 VEF
Tus ganancias: 1.00 VEF (0.17 EUR)

Para leer mas acerca de estas ganancias y muchas otras visita por favor

Estas grandes ganancias fueron agregadas automaticamente a tus actuales servicios


* Algunas de las ganancias pueden variar dependiendo de las operadoras y cambio de divisas.

Better Earnings for Latin American Countries!

Better Earnings for Latin American Countries!

Better Earnings for Latin American Countries!Meanwhile at PayGol everybody is getting crazy! 

Because we love you, we brought better payouts for you, it couldn’t get any better!
Just like you wanted, just because you asked for it!

Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela got this all new amazing earnings!!!

User price: 3.80 BOB
Your earnings: 1.55 BOB (0.17 EUR)

User price: 4.00 BRL
Your earnings: 1.02 BRL (0.42 EUR)

User price: 700.00 CLP
Your earnings: 153.00 CLP (0.22 EUR)

User price: 4408.00 COP
Your earnings: 600.00 COP (0.23 EUR)

Costa Rica
User price: 700.00 CRC
Your earnings: 250.00 CRC (0.36 EUR)

Dominican Republic
User price: 64.00 DOP
Your earnings: 13.50 DOP (0.26 EUR)

El Salvador
User price: 3.39 USD
Your earnings: 0.63 USD (0.47 EUR)

User price: 1.50 USD
Your earnings: 0.32 USD (0.24 EUR)

User price: 7.00 PEN
Your earnings: 0.22 EUR (0.81 PEN)

User price: 4.00 EUR
Your earnings: 1.15 EUR (1.15 EUR)

User price: 1.42 EUR
Your earnings: 0.60 EUR (0.60 EUR)
User price: 3.54 EUR
Your earnings: 1.45 EUR (1.45 EUR)
User price: 5.07 EUR
Your earnings: 2.00 EUR (2.00 EUR)
User price: 7.08 EUR
Your earnings: 2.85 EUR (2.85 EUR)

User price: 27.00 UYU
our earnings: 7.75 UYU (0.31 EUR)

User price: 8.96 VEF
Your earnings: 1.00 VEF (0.17 EUR)

-To read more about these great payout and much others, please visit

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*Some of the earnings may vary depending on operator and currency conversion.

Norwegian Language, now available and ready to use!

PayGol’s now translated into Norwegian Language!

PayGol translated into Norwegian Language!

27 Languages for your ease of use!

It will be automatically added to all of your current services.

So, our language list is bigger and better and looking like this : Български, Česky, Deutsch, Dansk, English, Español, Français, Ελληνικά,Indonesian, עברית, Italiano, Lietuvių, Magyar, Македонски, Nederlands, Norge, Polski, Português, Română, Русский, Slovenščina, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, 简体中文, 繁體中文


Hemos agregado dos nuevos paises para cubrir tus necesidades !


La cobertura de PayGol continua creciendo, ahora puedes aceptar pagos desde :

  • Republica Dominicana

Republica Dominicana
Poblacion : 10,090,000
Carriers: Claro, Orange, Tricom, Viva
Mas Informacion :
Poblacion : 3,251,526
Carriers: Ancel, Movistar
Mas Informacion :

La informacion completa sobre nuestra cobertura puede ser encontrada en

Importante : Para comenzar a usar estos paises, es necesario dirigirse a Mis Servicios y editar tu servicio(s) y agregar estos paises manualmente.