What is Pay per call?

Pay per call is an easy and quick way to pay. It offers great coverage, immediate validation, and is extremely convenient as only a phone is needed.

How does it work for the customer?

During the payment process your customer will be shown a phone number to call to. There are two possible ways to pay: pay per call and pay per minute. In the first one the payment is made immediately. In the second one your customer will be asked to stay on the line for a certain amount of time. The amount will be charged directly to the customer’s phone account.


– Fast and secure.
– Convenient for customers without access to credit cards or a bank account.
– Worldwide coverage.
– No activation costs or monthly fees.

The Solution

PayGol offers pay per call as a payment method.  Your clients only need a telephone.

PayGol is easy to integrate and does not require any technical skills. It can be integrated into any website, game, or application.

PayGol as a payment option

PayGol offers professional analytics tools for tracking and optimizing your transactions.



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