Since WyWallet’s new regulations in Sweden require that payers have to be signed up on WyWallet in order to send SMS Payments. Therefore we offer you the following options:

1 We strongly recommend to activate our Pay per Call feature on this country, this way you will have smooth payments and even better earnings.

To activate Pay Per Call on Sweden please follow these steps:

-Go to “My Services” on your PayGol panel.
-Edit your service.
-Go to the “Pay per Call” tab and add Sweden.
-Save your Service.

2 Alternatively, you can encourage the end-user to register to WyWallet by sending a SMS WW to 71798 or register at  This way the user is registered to WyWallet and can continue purchasing via SMS messages.


To see in details Pay per Call in Sweden:

To see in details all Pay per Call coverage:

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