In order to use our services, there are some details you need to know and we explain you why

We encourage all merchants to join Paygol! Although, it is always important to let you know the essencials to sign up and use the service without a problem.

The first step to use the service, is to always read the terms of service. This allows you to know the basics of the service, and might answer some questions you may have, it also lets you know if you qualify, in other words, if your company, product or service that you offer is compliant.

You will need to have your own website where you have your store. Paygol cannot operate if you do not provide a valid url where your customers will pay. This site must be of your property.

It is necessary that you have, or if it is the case, open a bank account or ewallet, where your earnings from your business will be sent once you request your payouts.

If your website is not complete, then, we recommend that you update it. In order to enable some payment methods, we require that your website has an impressum. This will give trust about your company.

Most importantly, once you set up the system, it is important that you let your customers know about the payment methods that you got enabled. They can’t guess you now have more options to pay.