Start your own business with Paygol

Start your own business with Paygol

Whether it is a game business or your own product line, we can help you to reach the maximum market!
You will be able to start you eBusiness without worrying about what payments to accept and how. Talk to us! tell us about your business, we can guide you to succeed with your project!


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Why is Paygol a secure payment method?

Why is Paygol a secure payment method?

Make and receive fast and secure payments with Paygol, the consumer data is never revealed and the bank payment options include their own banking environment!
Your data is never compromised and your purchase is safe.

The consumer should know that it’s important to:

Provide email before completing the purchase 
Take note of the transaction ID after payment 
In case of cash based payment, keep the voucher 

This helps the seller to deliver the product in time.

Happy payments!

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Pagos en línea sin tarjeta de crédito

Pagos en línea sin tarjeta de crédito

Puedes vender o comprar las cosas que están en tu mente con nosotros!
Las opciones correctas de eCommerce te permiten recibir o hacer pagos en tus métodos preferidos. No hay barreras con nosotros. Proveemos la solución de pagos para todos!
Puedes aceptar o realizar pagos usando PAYSAFECARD. Uno de los más grandes métodos de pago fuera de línea disponible en todo el mundo. Como comprador puedes obtener PAYSAFECARD, y pagar lo que necesites online en cualquier tienda online que esté vendiendo y aceptando PAYSAFECARD como medio de pago. Con el código PIN además ofrece seguridad extra y permite realizar pagos más grandes, incluso combinaciones. 

Otros métodos de pago que están disponibles en Latinoamérica requieren que el comprados imprima un voucher después de hacer checkout , el cual debe ser llevado a cualquier locación que corresponda o esté asociado a ese método de pago, para así ser pagado mediante la forma de pago preferida.
Éstos métodos de pago son Oxxo en México, Boleto Bancário en Brasil. Efecty en Colombia, y Redpagos en Uruguay.


How to start an eCommerce business?

How to start an eCommerce business?

If you have an idea that you want to become a reality, or you wonder how people started their online businesses, we will give you some tips that could be helpful for you at the moment of starting yours with the intention to avoid beginner mistakes.

Do market investigation. If you have an idea, try to figure out if it’s viable, realize how demanding is your service or product.

Avoid the need of employees, specially if you are just starting, maybe someday in the future you will need that help, but in the meantime go slow, try to do a little of everything. This will show you a clearer picture of what your needs are, so that in the future you decide what you need to add. You can also get help from business softwares that you can use for your customer relations, inventory, etc.

Look for the best marketing alternative. You can start building a list of emails to send updates, or pay for ads on the platform your think your product/service will have a better audience.

Focus on sustainable margins. You really need sustainable earnings, is what you are offering convenient or you better  look for another option?

Do no spend what you haven’t earned. Focus on the present.

Integrate multiple payment methods. This will help you reach more clients and you will avoid shopping cart abandonment when people see poor options available. Here’s where we help you to reach every corner in the world.

Be persistent. Result may seem slow, but think tat little by little you will be reaching more clients and a reputation and that requires a lot hard work.